Our Story

In spite of the unsurmountable odds against children who are raised in single parent homes, Kimberly’s son graduated from college and went off to thrive in Corporate America. Because of her success as a single mother she felt compelled to develop a community designed to help women and single mothers’ build lasting legacies for their families and future generations. Kimberly believes that all single mothers are leaders (Matriarchs) and deserve to be honored and uplifted by society.

Our Mission

The Matriarch Society is a Single Mothers Organization that encourages, empowers, and equips single mothers with tools for successful parenting, through building mass support groups and global networking to help single-mothers build unforgettable legacies. 

The Matriarch Society is delighted to have the opportunity to give simple solutions to the complex world of parenting while helping families create an indelible footprint for future generations.

Our Team

Matriarch Society Team

Kimberly West Williams


Lois Luster

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